We’re in the middle of completing the framing in the main house. Come in, I’ll show you where we put headers on all the windows last week.  None of the windows had support for the openings. The doors, the windows were all missing headers. The main entry door still missing a header, which we’ll be installing later today. All the walls have been completely framed. We’re framing in the fireplace today in care the owner chooses to install one down the road. We’re in the kitchen now and the dining room. We have a laundry room. Look through studs, we’ve reframed all the laundry walls. We prepared the laundry for its new window, even though the power panel is right outside the area. What you can’t see, we’ve been working under and outside the house. This week we’ll start the excavation of the foundation, the sewer lines, the water lines and all of the underground facilities. Once we’ve dug the foundation trenches, we’ll put up strings and start laying the foundation forms and installing the steel and getting ready to pour the concrete for the foundation.