Flyover Progress of 604 Second Street - Week 17


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604 Second Street, an historic renovation

The Carey Brothers and team have undertaken the renovation of 604 Second Street — a 100 plus year old kit style bungalow home located in charming old town Brentwood in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our first season of a 10-part video series.

Brentwood, CA

Rich in history and culture, Brentwood is known throughout the San Francisco Bay Area for its agricultural products (primarily cherries, corn and peaches). In spite of urban sprawl, the quaint downtown, where 604 is located, is peppered with historic buildings and signs of days gone by.


Designing for the new Century

604 is in dire straights and in need of repair and full renovation inside and out. Outside, we’ll repair the foundation, replace porches and railings, install new roofing, wrap the home with new siding and trim, install new energy efficient windows and give it a fresh coat of paint.

604 Second Street Trailer

Updates on 604 Second Street

Countertops – Getting the Best of the Best

The project involved completely renovating a modest 1,177 sq. ft. 111-year-old home, inside and out, in old town Brentwood, California. Originally a catalog mail-order kit home, built around 1906, it was among an estimated 600 small bungalows constructed in the nearby...

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Hi-Tech Security with Vintage Styling

For Carey Brothers Remodeling, one of the big challenges in authentically renovating and updating a historic 111-year-old bungalow was to carefully integrate a number of today’s beneficial technologies into the project without affecting the vintage appearance and...

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Historic Home Updated With Today’s Latest Technologies

“Peek into the Past” Weekend Open House in Brentwood Third generation Bay Area builders and media personalities, James and Morris Carey – of Carey Brothers Remodeling – today announced the upcoming completion and total restoration of a vintage residence in Old Town...

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Making Today’s Concrete Even Better

Usages of concrete-like materials go back thousands of years. While some primitive forms were discovered from as early as 6500 BC, concrete has steadily evolved over time, with the Egyptians (around 3,000 BC), the Greeks (1,000 BC) and in the Middle East (about 700...

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Deck Hi-Tech Answers the Challenge

A little, weathered and aging 111-year old bungalow, located at 604 Second Street in Old Town Brentwood, California, presented a unique opportunity for Carey Bros. Remodeling to do a total top-to-bottom and inside-out period restoration while also carefully...

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Floored by Bamboo – Who Knew?

When it came to replacing the flooring all throughout a 111-year old home they were restoring, Carey Bros. Remodeling thought long and hard before making a surprising (yet quite logical) choice. The home being restored is a turn of the century, catalog ordered...

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Jeffrey Court Tile – Fashion Forward and Timeless

One of the key visual elements and challenges in authentically renovating and updating a historic 100 year-old plus bungalow was to find and select just the right vintage-looking ceramic tiles for the various rooms. The century-old home, located at 604 Second Street...

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Powering Up for New Kichler Lighting

When the little bungalow now located at 604 Second Street in Old Town Brentwood, California, was first built in 1906, it had no electricity whatsoever. In 1911, when it was moved intact from its initial location – among 600 or so small mail-order catalog kit homes...

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Organized Living’s Systems Offer Efficiency And Artistry

Closet organization is a journey one can take in elegance, simplicity, and versatility. Needs change with the season, be it summer or winter attire, or if you are professional or semi-retired. Thankfully, there’s a solution for that. Come aboard Organized Living’s...

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Back to the Future with Shaker Style Cabinetry

The project was to completely update a modest 1,177 sq. ft 100 year-old plus home, inside and out, in old town Brentwood, California. Originally a catalog design mail-order kit that reportedly was among roughly 600 small bungalows built in the nearby coal and copper...

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Believed to have been constructed from a catalog kit around the turn of the last century, the home consists of:

  • two bedrooms
  • one bath
  • living room, dining area, kitchen, nook, and laundry room
  • is approximately 1177 square feet

There is a single car freestanding garage immediately adjacent to the residence. Both structures sit on a lot that is slightly less that one-quarter acre.

The plans to remodel not only include making many necessary repairs, we will add approximately 341 square feet to accommodate a third bedroom and new master suite — complete with a second bath and walk-in closet. The entire home will be renovated and will include replacement of the severely deteriorated front porch, foundation repairs, complete new plumbing, heating and electrical systems, insulation, new bathrooms, a fully remodeled kitchen and a fully remodeled laundry.
Exterior upgrades include new windows and exterior doors, siding, trim, decking, handrails, roofing, gutters, downspouts, garage door and opener and paths, patios and driveway. All building products will have an emphasis on energy efficiency, sustainability, and green building products and technology. Where possible, existing vintage building materials will be recycled and incorporated into the renovation. The owners are excited about integrating new, modern appliances and conveniences within the charm and era of their home.

A Short Take

A behind the scenes look at Morris Carey sharing what is planned for the new laundry room.

Partners of the 604 Second Street Renovation